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View Project SEARCH with ASD Supports: A Randomized Clinical Trial to Explore Competitive Employment for 18 to 22-Year-Olds with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
View Autism and the Transition to Adulthood: Success Beyond the Classroom
View The Supplemental Security Income Program and Employment for Young Adults with Disabilities: An Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey on Disability
View Designing an outcome study to monitor the progress of students with autism spectrum disorders
View 'The John Jones Show': How one teacher facilitated self-determined transition planning for a young man with autism
View How teachers and parents can work together to teach daily living skills to children with autism
View Transition as a vehicle: Moving from high school to an adult vocational service provider
View Employment and Adults with Asperger Syndrome
View Transition Assessment Practices in Nevada and Arizona: Are They Tied to Best Practices?
View Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
View Why It Pays to Hire Workers with Developmental Disabilities
View Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
View Clinical differential analysis of persons with autism in a work setting: A follow-up study
View A New Era: Revitalizing Special Education for Children and Their Families
View Employers' attitudes toward persons with disabilities in the workforce: Myths or Realities?
View Changes in the quality of autistic people's life that work in supported and sheltered employment: A 5-year follow-up study
View Work in Progress: Including Students with Disabilities in School-to-Work Initiatives
View Disclosure Fact Sheet
View Autism Spectrum Disorder Assistive Technology for Cognition (ASDATAC) Project: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Apple IPod Tough as Task Support Among People with ASD on the Job
View VCU-ASD Career Links Project Overview and Case Studies


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